Journal articles

Join our growing portfolio of journals with authors around the world. We have a team of experts from diverse cultures and professional fields around the world. We provide independent authors with a platform for airing their written works. All the journals must be approved by our team of qualified evaluators to ensure that we deliver the best quality in publishing. Chance Publishers Journals is home to numerous articles that traverse the following fields:

  1. Education, Science and Technology.
  2. Strategic Business Management, Planning and Marketing.
  3. Governance and Leadership.
  4. Human Resource Management.
  5. Learning and teaching.
  6. Interfaith dialogue.
  7. Contemporary issues in religion.
  8. Shariah and legal issues in the 21st century.
  9. Religion-political issues and religion-socio-economic issues.


Research 100%
Data analysis 99%
Publishing 98.9%
Journal articles 98.9%
Market study 94.9%